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HappyLand Sales Property Office

HappyLand Sales Office was conceived by EK Design recently. Based on the realm of contemporary essence, the architect attempted to create a ‘Dream Pavilion’ integrating the inside and outside of this sales office, while releasing the long-slept charming of this thousand-of-year historical downtown: Chang'an.

Because of its intervention, this grew old town marches forward under its sparkling presence. Perforated silver aluminum panels, adhering to the façade, covers this square-like site and work as an effective medium to keep the air circulating while decreasing a part of noise outside. But concise Origami-shaped vertical skin increases the area of contacting air while making the gigantic dull ‘box’ dynamic instantly, as if rippling on the water and causing an ambience of co-existence between movement and still while contrasting with raucous street beside; the square placed in front of the building strengthen the atmosphere of dignity and grace, auxiliary to the sales office as a steady fortress to defend external invasion.

For the reason to partition distinct functional areas, the architect created several small-scale oak installations parallel to a pavilion and managed to utilize them in the planned layout. Indeed, it breaks a new ground of itself, and well-proportioned arrangement adds great vitality to the entire space.


Chang' an downtown, Dongguan


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